Garrett Mason with special guest poet J.G. Lutes | June 15 | $30


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Garrett Mason with special guest poet J.G.Lutes.

It’s a date night

Garrett Mason and J.G.Lutes find purpose in creating art. They’re taking it on the road to share with part of the country. Come hear ideas; some new, some old.

Garrett Mason was raised in Truro, Nova Scotia by his mother Pam, and father, veteran Canadian Bluesman Dutch Mason. His path to becoming a blues musician started at a very early age; being surrounded by blues music, Garrett’s favorite tapes at 3 years old were Canned Heat and Buddy Rich.

His dad, Dutch Mason, stopped playing guitar before Garrett was born. Although he was not able to teach his son to play, he has certainly been able to teach Garrett the structure of the Blues and to influence him about the resulting sound. Surrounded by his father’s peers, Garrett has had the benefit of hearing and learning from a wide variety of musical talent.

The late Rick Jeffery was a great inspiration to Garrett; they would talk and play for hours together. Rick once said, “Garrett is the only guitar player I know that can play Albert Collins’ style down to a T.” The combination of his father’s advice, Jeffery’s guidance, and his own natural talents provide that special brew for Garrett to become the musical influence he is destined to be.

Saturday, June 15th, 2019. Tickets are $30 + tax (NON-refundable)


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